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Ihumure Vocational Training Centre

As the first Street Kids Rescue children grew into young adults the need for further education and vocational skills training became more urgent. The Ihumure Vocational Training Centre was built and subsequently opened in 2013. It initially took students onto one year courses in construction, metalwork and carpentry. The variety of courses has increased to include electrical and car mechanics and is expected to expand further in the future. English, computing and business courses are also available to every student. Learning a skill will help these young adults become self-sufficient and stay out of poverty.

The training centre takes young adults from all over Rwanda. Some students are fee paying, others are sponsored. Many of the students are orphans or have lived on the streets at some point in their lives so one of the priorities of the centre is to equip the students with the life skills that they will require to be reliable, trustworthy Rwandan adults. Each day is started with a group time of praise and bible teaching and the students are taught that they are valued by God and should value those around them.

Our student sponsorship programme is vital to the ongoing running of the training centre. Each student requires £20 per month for fees and £22 per month for living expenses. Many of the students are unable to contribute to the cost of the year at the IVTC and are extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to take this route out of the poverty trap that holds so many Rwandans captive.