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About Rwanda

Rwanda is a beautiful forward-looking, democratic country tucked between Uganda, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi (view map). It is known as the heart of Africa and the “Land of a Thousand Hills”. Its beautiful hills are dotted with the mud brick dwellings, surrounded by crops of bananas, cassava, sweet potatoes and beans, and burgeoning towns and cities of 11 million people in land space less than a third of the size of Scotland (slightly smaller than Maryland, USA).

The people smile with that big African grin, but for many who lived through 1994 you can see in their eyes the heartache of the terrible genocide.

In 90 days from 7th April 1994 around one million people were massacred in one of the worst genocides the world has seen. People were burned alive with their houses, children thrown down pit latrines and buried alive, and unspeakable atrocities carried out on the women. Although many women and children were killed hundreds of thousands of widows and orphans were left behind. For many of them, food is a daily struggle, education an unattainable necessity, and to break free from the poverty cycle an impossible dream.

But God dreams over those children and families and you can help another child, another family reach those dreams.

Facts on Rwanda…

  • Around 80% of the people are dependent on farming for food and income
  • Around 53% of the population are under 20 and only 2.6% are over 65
  • Life Expectancy is approximately 64 years
  • Spending on health per person is £7 per year
  • Under 5 mortality is 72 per 1000 born
  • Rwanda is ranked 151 out of 177 countries on the UN Human Development Index
  • Rwanda is the most densely populated country in Africa - 434 people/Sq Km
  • 44% now live in absolute poverty (down from 78% at the time of the genocide). Less than 118,000 Rwf per year (<£105 per year)
  • Around 60% of Rwandans live on less than $1 per day (around 50p).