What we do

For many years after the 1994 genocide individuals and communities in Rwanda struggled to survive and indigenous charities and churches had very few resources with which to help.

Comfort Rwanda & Congo works in Rwanda and D.R. Congo by partnering with some of these local Christian organisations helping them to support those most in need with the aim of bringing them from a position of requiring Care & Relief, through Education, Income Generation and Community Development to a point of wholeness and Sustainability.
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Providing Care and Relief
Food, shelter and health care are often the immediate needs, and many of our projects were tailored to help tackle those needs. Many still require this help so this type of project is ongoing.
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Supporting Education
Many have missed years of primary, secondary or tertiary education often because of trauma, lack of funds or lack of facilities. Comfort Rwanda & Congo sponsor children and young adults through school and college. Where schools do not yet exist we have provided funding for school buildings.
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Training, Employment & Income Generation
As individuals and communities become stronger physically and emotionally they are able to help themselves more and the support that is required changes. Providing land, tools or technical knowledge enables them to move to this next step.
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Building Sustainable Communities
All of the above together provides a strong foundation for a Sustainable Community where hope has returned and ideas for future progress are initiated by the community.
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Partnering the Church
We partner with individual churches on many of the projects. We also aim to encourage the wider church in Rwanda by offering training opportunities for pastors.
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Promoting Relationship
Relationships are very important in Rwanda and D.R. Congo. Often the people express their preference for visitors over material help. Comfort Rwanda & Congo encourages individuals, groups and churches from the UK to visit Rwanda and/or D.R. Congo.