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Batsinda Street Kids

In early 2015 Comfort Rwanda and Congo was made aware of a number of children who were sleeping rough on a hillside at Batsinda in Kigali. These children had become homeless through poverty, family breakdown, bereavement or imprisonment and needed to scavenge from restaurants or the rubbish tips for food or else go hungry day after day. They were unable to attend school and because there was nowhere clean to wash they were generally filthy, in poor health and dressed in rags. If left these children would grow up with major challenges regarding a lack of education, substance abuse and addiction, petty crime, ill health, malnourishment and have nobody to turn to.

Since July 2015 more than 60 of these children have become supported through our sponsorship program and the transformation is impressive; the children are healthy, fed and clothed and are attending school. Where it is possible these supported children return to their families, where there is no family or the family environment is dangerous the children live in a community house.

Comfort Rwanda & Congo would like to create a safe space for providing meals, teaching, playing, sleeping and homework as well as a living space for Mama Muhoza who looks after the children and a safe meeting place for the children.

  For a downloadable leaflet please click here