Beauty from Ashes

by Dr Callum Henderson, Director of Comfort Rwanda & Congo

How could an African country of eight million people be plunged into a chaos of slaughter which left over 1 million dead? And now, after the killing, how can widows, orphans, killers and survivors find the heart to recover and rebuild?

In this stunning and uplifting account, Dr Callum Henderson combines research and person experience to answer both questions. Above all he reveals a new spirit at work in Rwanda, as some who committed unspeakable deeds are able to repent, and survivors are able to forgive.

After outlining the background to the genocide and the church in Rwanda the reader is taken through the horror and hope of 1994 and the subsequent years of recovery.

The stories are intensely personal and deeply moving and give an insight, through the lives of those who lived through the genocide, to what life then and now is really like and the difference God is making to survivors.

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