Beekeeping in Rwanda has been practiced for many years through traditional methods with traditional hives. By introducing modern hives honey production is significantly increased (60kg/year as opposed to 7kg/year) and beekeeping can become a viable income generating venture. Comfort Rwanda & Congo have been supplying hives, equipment and training in communities across Rwanda for a number of years. The honey can be harvested twice a year and has a number of uses.

Honey is good for:
  • Income generation
  • Its medicinal properties
  • Food.

Traditional bee keeping in Rwanda involves wicker baskets or hollowed logs lodged in the branches of trees. Yields from this method are low. Upgrading to modern bee hives (currently manufactured in the
Ihumure Vocational Training Centre Production Unit) increases the honey yield up to 15 times. Comfort Rwanda & Congo has given support to honey projects in Rutasira, Jari, Bugesera and Karongi.
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