Rwanda is known as “The Land of 1000 Hills”. The Bible says that God owns the cattle on thousand hills and our dream is to provide 1000 cattle for those 1000 hills. By providing cattle to genocide survivors Comfort Rwanda & Congo is giving long term support.

A cow:
  • Provides an important source of nutrition through the milk
  • Provides milk that can be sold to pay for daily needs such as food, education, clothes and health care
  • Provides income generation potential
  • Produces manure that can be used for fertiliser which can significantly improve crop yields from the exhausted soils
  • Produces calves the first of which is donated to other survivors and needy people so that more benefit
  • Provides dignity and purpose to the recipients and their communities.

“and we had milk to drink so we were happy”
Mama Lambert
Breeding Herd

To enable
Comfort Rwanda & Congo to provide more cows in an affordable way we have established a cattle breeding herd at Bugesera in partnership with Good News International. In 2012 we purchased 7 1/2 hectares of land for the herd. The land was subsequently improved and a portion planted with fodder, piped water has been installed, cattle stalls and onsite herdsman's house have been built, the first few cattle purchased and a herdsman employed.

The cattle are let out to graze and their diet is supplemented from the harvested fodder.

This is an exciting project which will grow and grow. We will need more cows to establish diversity in the herd and as the herd grows more land will be required.

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MUKANGOGA Laurance was given a cow which she called INKA IMANA (god’s cow), this is her story:

“Since the genocide I have never had milk in my home. My children did not know what milk was. My daughter had a wound. They asked me to take her to hospital but when I gave her milk from the cow the wound was healed.

Now I have manure for the land, milk and money. I want to give you a message – we are on the way to conquer poverty. It is true that we knew many sufferings, especially when we hid in the marshes. But you have been instrumental in removing the pain of our hearts.”