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Being a Partner Church

We have found great value in a church or group from this country being committed to a particular community or project in Rwanda or D.R.Congo. In Rwanda relationship is important and where the relationship with a group from this country is strong then trust, openness and the willingness to work also grow. A key component of a partner church is a designated Comfort Rwanda & Congo representative.

Churches which have connected with
communities, such as Karongi and Jari, in Rwanda and D.R. Congo through Comfort Rwanda & Congo have usually done so following a mission trip. God has spoken clearly to them about the need for commitment and he has particularly inspired a few of the members to run with the idea and form a committed core of people who inspire the rest of the church. A structured plan has then been developed taking into account the needs of the community and the level and duration of support offered by the Partner Church.

Regular visits (every 18 months or so) and correspondence by church members and regular fundraising for particular projects within the community keep the connection strong. Regular updates from our partners supply news of progress back to the church. Partner churches usually have a specific notice board with current pictures and news, this keeps the wider church up to date. Regular prayer for the community as apart of a more general mission prayer time is also beneficial in keeping a wider group of people informed.

If you think that your church would like to partner with a particular community in Rwanda or D.R.Congo please
contact the Comfort Rwanda & Congo office for further discussion.