Comfort Gifts 2016/17

Why Comfort Gifts?
Comfort Rwanda & Congo has been working since 1999 to alleviate poverty and trauma in Rwanda and D.R.Congo. By sending a Comfort Gift to someone special you will not only be giving a gift that shows your care for them, but you will also be transforming a life in Rwanda or D.R.Congo.

How do I buy a Comfort Gift?
Choose the gift you would like to give from the options below and follow the instructions to pay online using PayPal. Alternatively
download the catalogue.

What Do I Receive?
A card and certificate will be sent to you or your friend or loved one.

Where Does The Money Go?
Comfort Rwanda & Congo will forward the money to Rwanda or D.R. Congo to purchase the gift of your choice for those who need it most.
Poor families business startup
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Many individuals or families have good small business ideas and skills but no capital to get them off the ground. Comfort Rwanda & Congo gives loans, financial advice and encouragement to get these business started.
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Cattle Project
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from £10
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Comfort Rwanda & Congo has a breeding herd of part Friesian* cows in Bugesera, Rwanda. A cow brings hope, purpose, a healthier diet and the opportunity to generate income to the owner. Cows produced from these herds will be given to individuals and communities to help lift them out of poverty
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*previously we purchased more expensive pure bred Friesian cattle. Part Friesian cattle are less expensive and more adapted to the conditions in Rwanda.
Primary & Secondary Education
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from £5
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Comfort Rwanda & Congo supports the education of several hundred children in Rwanda and D.R.Congo. Many are orphans and all desperately want a good education to build a better life. Your gift of school fees for a term or educational support for a year will help to give a child a hope and a future.
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Teachers in D.R. Congo
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from £10
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Comfort Rwanda & Congo with Comfort Congo supports five schools in the North Kivu region of D.R.Congo which cater for children of refugees and displaced people living in refugee camps, ex-child soldiers, children of rape survivors, pygmies and local children. Class sizes are often over 100 children. Some of the teachers are themselves displaced and live in appalling conditions in the refugee camps.

Gift a salary for a week or a month and the whole community benefits.
Training for a Rwandan Pastor
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£30 per week
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Comfort Rwanda & Congo supports the training of Rwandan pastors at the Christian Training Centre of Rwanda. The number of pastors attending has more than doubled this year. These pastors will be equipped in many aspects of leadership including bible teaching, evangelism, personal character strengthening and how best to relate to their families and communities. They will go on to influence communities all across Rwanda. Your gift will allow a poor pastor to attend one of the eight teaching weeks which are spread throughout the year.
Ihumure Vocational Training Centre
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Student support £20/month
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Comfort Rwanda & Congo supports students, including ex-street kids, to attend the IVTC. At the centre they receive training in automotive electronics, electrical work, metal work, carpentry, or construction giving them a useful skill which will help them find work or set up their own business. Your gift will provide living support for a student for a month freeing them up to concentrate on their training course.
Rusayo Maternity & General Clinic
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from £4
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Comfort Rwanda & Congo in partnership with Comfort Congo has built a vital lifesaving clinic in Rusayo in North Kivu. In this area of D.R. Congo statistics say that 1 in 24 women will die in child birth. This clinic serves one of the poorest communities by providing general medical care, surgery and maternity care. Covering staff and equipment costs are vital to the daily running of the clinic. We would also like to purchase an ambulance. When you buy a gift from here you will be helping to save lives.
Children of Liberty
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from £20
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In D.R.Congo the sad repeated story of too many young people is of their villages being overrun by rebel armies, the women raped, men and women killed and the young people forced to join rebel armies. The girls are forced into sex slavery and the boys drugged and given guns. Some of the children manage to escape or are rescued by Comfort Congo.

The Children of Liberty program helps to counsel and comfort these children, restore their self-worth, provide food and education and give them a hope and a future. The recent purchase of land and further accommodation has given rise to a need for more mattresses and there is always a need for more food. A gift from here is helping these young people who have lost almost everything.
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Sponsor an Ex-child Soldier
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£20 per month for 1 year
To purchase this gift please contact Comfort Rwanda & Congo directly.
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Comfort Rwanda & Congo provide the opportunity to sow into the life and future of these young people through a sponsorship program. One of the Children of Liberty is already in his 3rd year of a nursing degree since having been rescued in 2011. These young people could become the influencers and leaders in their community, city or nation with a little help.

To purchase this Comfort Gift please contact the Comfort Rwanda & Congo office: or phone 07542731983 and we will help you to set this up.

If you prefer not to pay online or wish to share with your friends, family or church noticeboard you can download our printable catalogue below.