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Displaced Peoples, Refugee Support, Income Generation
There are an estimated 950,000 refugees in the area around Goma, North Kivu, as well as the large numbers of displaced people who have been forced, by conflict, to leave their homes. The living conditions of these people are desolate and devoid of any basic infrastructure. In addition the lava fields of the Nyiragongo Volcano make farming impossible, a situation exacerbated by the landlessness of these people. Comfort Rwanda & Congo has purchased farm land outside the lava fields and divided it up between needy families. Land adjacent to the maternity clinic has been developed into a tomato and cabbage growing project.

Both refugees and rape survivors often find themselves completely without any means of income. A sewing project which both trains such women and provides an outlet to sell products is helping them develop a means of supporting themselves. In the future the project hopes to provide sewing machines for all its graduates. Some of the women have also become involved in bag weaving, creating colourful strong bags from packaging tape. These bags are available for sale from
Comfort Rwanda & Congo.