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Ex-Child Soldiers - The Children of Liberty

The sad repeated story of too many young people is of their villages being overrun by rebel armies, the women raped, both men and women killed and the young people forced to carry off their own belongings as loot for the rebel armies. The girls are forced into sex slavery and the boys drugged and given guns. Other young people in the area have been ambushed coming and going from school and forced to fight and kill for the rebel armies. The mental torture those young people experience leaves them deeply traumatised.

When these young people escape they are often left homeless, jobless and hopeless. Increasing numbers have arrived at Comfort Community Church looking for help. As well as providing schooling for these young people, who are calling themselves The Children of Liberty, Comfort Congo is trying to find homes or housing for them. There are over forty ex-child soldiers at Mbula secondary school some living with hard pressed teachers. Comfort Congo, with the help of
Comfort Rwanda & Congo, has purchased land and two wooden buildings which are being developed into welcoming accommodation for the Children of Liberty to live as they begin to rebuild their lives. A small fruit juicing project has been set up to give some of the ex-child soldiers the opportunity to earn some money.

Fundraising initiatives

We have developed some fun and tasty ways for you to help raise much needed funds for the Children of Liberty whilst enjoying a coffee, cake or a curry with friends, family and/or church members. Please click on the images below to download the fundraising packs for each.
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