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Gasanze Street Kids

Gasanze is an area (cell) of the sector of Nduba where Kigali’s rubbish is tipped. It is also ‘home’ to around 50 children who find their food on the tip. The children come from many different backgrounds and finish there due to parental death, abuse or hunger through poverty. During the night they sleep on the fringes of the tip in ditches and holes in the ground or on the tip itself – some covering up with cardboard, some with the stalks of maize plants from neighbouring fields, some with plastic sheeting. By daytime they look for food on the tip. Often travelling to and from the tip on dump lorries they frequently fall from the lorries and injure themselves. Some have been there for 6 years since the tip began. Some are as young as 4, some as old as 23.

Our in-country sister organisation, Comfort Rwanda, is launching a new
Street Kids Rescue project to provide a means for those children to come off the dump. The local authorities including the police, local security and local government are all being helpful and positive about working with Comfort Rwanda towards a solution. A local ADEPR (Pentecostal) church is also helping. We hope to provide a home, education, health insurance, food and clothing for the children.

If you would like to sponsor one of these kids please
contact us.