Comfort Rwanda & Congo welcomes help. Our ability to support people and projects in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo relies on the generosity of supporters and volunteers. Giving time, effort, encouragement or financially all go a long way to making Comfort Rwanda & Congo successful. There are a number of specific ways that you can contribute to the ongoing success of the charity as it helps some of the most vulnerable people.

By giving a one off gift or regular monthly donation in support of a specific project or undesignated (to be used where there is current need) you are facilitating the work of the charity and giving the poorest an opportunity to be lifted out of poverty. We also provide the opportunity for our supporters to become
FoundationMakers. More >>>

By becoming a sponsor and committing to regular financial and encouragement support for a child attending the
Street Kids Rescue project, a student of the Ihumure Vocational Training Centre, Rape Survivors in D.R.Congo or an orphan or survivor supported through SOS you are making a vital contribution to the successful transition towards their self-sustainability. Sponsorship of pastors attending the Pastor’s Training run by Christian Training College of Rwanda ultimately contributes to the development of strong communities all over the country. More >>>

Comfort Gifts
By sending a
Comfort Gift to someone special for a birthday, Christmas or just for fun you will not only be giving a gift that shows your care for them, but you will also be transforming a life in Rwanda or D.R.Congo for good. More >>>

We encourage initiative in fundraising. You are welcome to host your own event or represent
Comfort Rwanda & Congo at an organised event. We will support you where we can. More >>>

Charity Shops
We currently have two charity shops, one in Cumbernauld and one in Airdrie. Donations are always welcome. Volunteering opportunities are also available.
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Mission Trips
Groups visit Rwanda and D.R.Congo a few times each year. Each trip is unique: it may be a group from a particular church looking to support a particular community or project or a more diverse group of people looking to contribute to the projects in a number of areas.
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Being a Partner Church
We have found great value in a church or group from this country being committed to a particular community or project in Rwanda or D.R.Congo. In Rwanda relationship is important and where the relationship with a group from this country is strong then trust, openness and the willingness to work also grow. A key component of a partner church is a designated Comfort Rwanda & Congo representative.
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