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In Rwanda the home and land are handed down from generation to generation. During the genocide a vast number of homes, with their contents, were destroyed leaving survivors with nothing. From the beginning Comfort Rwanda & Congo has been involved in funding shelter projects or house repairs for those most in need in a number of communities. We also work with Healing & Reconciliation Ministries by funding the building of houses in a partnership where the healed communities are providing labour and Comfort Rwanda & Congo provides all the funding for the house including the skilled labour, foundations, doors & windows, cement render and the roof. In Kigali where homes are available for purchase we have bought homes for survivors who would otherwise be living on the streets.

Comfort Village in
Bugesera was our first larger scale housing project. The area had been devastated during the genocide and the land emptied of housing. Comfort Rwanda & Congo, in partnership with Solace, provided 10 homes, these were the first brick houses built for survivors in the area.

In the
Karongi District we have been able to provide 6 brand new rendered mud brick homes in Mubuga and 8 brick homes in Rwankuba. The project in Rwankuba is continuing. Several other homes in the district have been repaired following severe storm damage.

Four brick homes have been built and a number of homes have been repaired for the survivors community at

Survivors at
Jari have received a number of brick detached and semi-detached homes built close to each other, this is helping to restore a sense of community.

The Church of Scotland Guild has, through
Comfort Rwanda & Congo, supported the Healing & Reconciliation Ministries house building project (Building a Better Rwanda) to construct 100 homes over a 3 year period from September 2012. This cooperation has greatly increased the amount of help that we can provide for housing some of the poorest and emotionally traumatised people giving them hope for the future and a sense of community.