When someone receives livestock they receive a gift that has the potential to multiply. It is a gift that not only provides for the present but also seeds for the future. It gives increasing benefit not just to a family but also to the whole community.

Comfort Rwanda & Congo gives cows, goats and bee hives to individuals and communities in Rwanda and D.R. Congo.

Benefits include:
  • A healthier diet for the family
  • The medicinal properties of milk and honey heal some illnesses
  • There is significant income generation potential
  • The first healthy young female is given away to benefit another family in the community
  • Other young can be kept or sold to increase the benefit
  • The manure can be used for fertiliser which gives rise to better crops
  • A family or individual may feel a sense of pride and purpose in life.

The community increasingly benefits as the first female produced is handed to another beneficiary usually within the same community. For more detail on the ongoing livestock projects click on the images below.
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