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Rusayo Maternity & General Clinic

Health and maternity care in North Kivu, D.R.Congo are severely limited. Many of the displaced women live in grass huts with little access to clean water. Disease is common and infant and mother mortality rates are very high (4.7% of babies die in the first month and 1 in 24 women die giving birth).

Comfort Rwanda & Congo has raised funds and built a purpose built maternity clinic in Rusayo, North Kivu which is now serving the poorest in the area providing crucial life saving maternity care. The first child to be born in the clinic was named Faraja, meaning comfort, after our partner organisation in D.R.Congo, Comfort Congo.

Between the opening of the clinic in April 2015 and the receipt of updated local government statistics in October 2016 the area's neonatal mortality rate decreased from 18-25% to 9-13%. It is expected that this will decrease further as the local population become more aware of the clinic. The clinic is putting in place a programme of pre- and postnatal care and education as well as an infant immunisation programme. These should help to reduce the the infant and maternal mortality rates in the area. See official letter from DRC government department in Rusayo.

Many of the women who go into labour and are in need of medical attention will live at a significant distance from the clinic and are too poor to pay for transport. We are looking to acquire an ambulance to enable these women to access the facilities at the clinic and give birth in a much safer environment.

Fundraising for the Rusayo Maternity & General Clinic, for salaries, equipment and running costs, is ongoing and we welcome any contributions so as to allow this project to provide the best possible care. If you would like to help us by hosting an event, such as a coffee morning, our “Coffee For Congo” initiative may help. This includes a set of downloadable resources and information which you can use to promote your event.