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Operation Net

Malaria, carried by mosquitoes, is one of the biggest killers in Rwanda and D.R.Congo. Using a mosquito net while sleeping significantly reduces the risk of catching malaria. Operation Net was set up by two of our supporters to provide nets for those who are too poor to buy their own. Each net costs only £5 (including delivery and installation, if required) and goes a long way to reduce the risk of malaria.

Children from the Street Kids Rescue project, students attending the Ihumure Vocational Training Centre, both in Kigali, families from a Pygmy tribe in Uganda and the Maternity Clinic in Rusayo, D.R.Congo, have all benefitted so far.

One of our team based in Kigali administers the local distribution of nets. In many cases he installs the nets, gives advice on care and maintenance and supplies information on reducing the risk of catching malaria.

You can help us by contributing to the purchase of mosquito nets, by attending one of our
fundraising events. or by doing Fundraising on our behalf.
"The people from the Pygmy tribe in Uganda, who were advocated for by friends in Rwanda, are an ostracised people. They have almost nothing, very few clothes and no medicines. Many of the tribe, including children, have died from malaria. We need a further 220 nets to ensure everyone in the village receives a net to give crucial protection against mosquito bites and malaria. The Pygmy tribe has been misinformed about the causes of malaria so education is also vital."
“My names is Nyiramayonde. I am from Masaka pygmies village

I did not know that there is sickness called malaria. In our village we had a myth that says that malaria is the sickness of rich people. I was sad when my husband died with it but at that time I didn't know what killed him. When I tried to ask, the old people told me that he had displeased the spirits that is why they killed him and because my entire family were sick we had to do many kinds of rituals and sacrifice a child to spirits to please the spirits. But when Shema (from Kigali) and his friends came to our village they taught us about the symptoms of malaria, it was then that I discovered that my husband and one of my kids had died with malaria, because he told us the very things that happened to my husband - like having fever, vomiting and more. My husband shouldn't have died. I'm suffering alone. I wish you had reached us before but we are so grateful and believe that you come in due season. We are a family of six under the same roof. We also got one net but we are going to squeeze ourselves in it. I believe that none of my family is going to die with malaria again. I would like to thank you, Susan. We can't believe that someone from that distance can think about us and be kind to us because even our fellow countrymen have rejected us.

Thank you so much. God bless you”.