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Our Partners in Rwanda & D.R. Congo

Comfort Rwanda & Congo is committed to working with local Christian partners in Rwanda and D.R. Congo. This means that your gifts are channelled directly to the point of need. Comfort Rwanda & Congo sends 100% of all gifts for Rwanda or D.R.Congo to Rwanda or D.R.Congo and our partners are careful to maximise the use of those gifts for the needs they are assigned to. All our funds go directly to our partners who are able to judge the most pressing needs and the best use of resources. Local communities often have a clearer idea of the solution to their problems and are aware of the kind of obstacles that need overcome to set projects up.

Partnering local organisations also ensures that there is a sense of ownership of the projects. They are involved in the decision making and development of the projects and have an invested interest in its positive outcome and where appropriate becoming independent.
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Good News International:
Good News International was founded in 2011 to alleviate poverty and to bring the good news found in Jesus Christ to the Rwandan people who were left alone and without hope following the genocide of 1994. The organisation works in communities throughout out Rwanda providing, counselling, education opportunities, housing and income generation projects.
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Comfort Congo:
Comfort Congo, our partner in D.R.Congo, was established in 2011 to bring relief and resources to rape survivors, ex-child soldiers, pygmies, refugees and other displaced people in the North Kivu region of D.R.Congo.
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Comfort Rwanda:
Comfort Rwanda, currently employing one in-country worker, was established in Rwanda in 2015 to bring continuity and oversight to the projects that Comfort Rwanda & Congo has initiated. Comfort Rwanda also provides an official voice to the authorities in Rwanda. Comfort Rwanda runs the Batsinda Street Kids Rescue Project and Comfort Babies and is looking to initiate further life changing projects.
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Christian Training College Rwanda (CTCR):
An organisation which provides a certificated training programme for pastors and leaders from a wide range of churches in Rwanda and Burundi.
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Healing & Reconciliation Ministry:
During the devastating events of 1994 Paul Ndahigwa returned from Uganda to preach the gospel of peace with support from The Pilgrim Centre for Reconciliation, Minnesota. The ministry brings perpetrators and survivors together and teaches the biblical principles of repentance, forgiveness and reconciliation. From the healed communities formed from this reconciliation process practical projects of housing and farming have been birthed.
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Living Church:
An indigenous Rwandan church with passion for its communities and nation expressed through projects such as Street Kids Rescue, education support, Ihumure Vocational Training Centre, Gakagati community and pastors training.
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Solace Ministries:
Solace Ministries is a survivors organisation dedicated to the comfort, counsel and practical support of genocide survivors, they have a wide range of community and sponsorship projects throughout Rwanda