Autumn 2015 - Evangelism
It is a privilege to see the impact the CTCR training has on the student pastors and their home churches. We have received the written reports of the practical evangelism assignment. The students organised and carried out evangelistic crusades in their home churches, all across Rwanda. They were effective, allowing the Holy Spirit space to work. There were several miraculous healings, many gave their lives to Jesus and more than 750 people were added to the church.

“There was a person who could not move out of his house for years, we prayed for him and now he’s able to move by himself and walk. He returned into his place of work as he was a businessman”. Barazingiza Michel

“God performed miracles. A man who had a rib sickness was healed. Others with stomach sicknesses were healed and were praising God. Another young man who had dropped out from school for seven years was healed and went back to school.” Ndahimana Jean Claude

In October Ben Kayumba and Bishop Samuel Kayinamura taught on Healing and Reconciliation. The teaching, powerful personal testimony and practical implementation meant that many were deeply impacted and requested prayer. This will have significant ramifications as the students return to their home churches.

Autumn 2014 - Money, Sex & Power
Significant breakthrough in family relationships as a consequence of CTCR teaching is likely to spread to communities across Rwanda. Pastors attending the CTCR teaching series on Money, Sex and Power this summer have testified to significant and encouraging changes in how they relate to their wives:

“Before learning these lessons, I was despising women. I was not giving any consideration to them, even in the church…[Now] I can say that I am going to apply [these lessons] in my household through valuing my wife as well as other women. I will teach these principles in the church to those who are married so that change can take place in their household.”

“I discovered that talking with your spouse is the key to joy in the family. From now on, I will improve my communication with my wife… Now we have started talking while we are at home, it has produced much joy in me; therefore we are going to make these lessons part of our life.”

The CTCR is proving vital to the healthy growth of a recovering Rwanda. Eighty-four pastors attended the teaching weeks in the summer and many of these will take what they have learned and teach it to their congregations.