Our Projects in Rwanda

All of our projects in Rwanda are run by our indigenous partners. Our partners identify and advise us of the greatest needs and we decide which projects we are able to finance and support. Some of these projects are discreet and short term others involve longer term support.

Individuals, groups or churches which support
Comfort Rwanda & Congo are encouraged to support a particular project either fully or in part. For example many individuals sponsor children in the Street Kids Rescue programme, a women’s fellowship raised the finance to provide a herd of goats for a widows group in Rwanda and a couple of churches in Scotland are helping to fund house building and income generating projects in the Karongi District to the west of Rwanda. We are grateful for any contributions, large or small.

We have projects in a number of locations across Rwanda relating to
Agriculture, Livestock, Education, Housing, Hand Crafts and Healing & Reconciliation. We assist and encourage a number of communities (Bugesera, Gakagati, Jari, Karongi and Rukumberi) and are excited to see them becoming increasingly hopeful and self-sufficient. We also have a number of more specific projects: The Ihumure Vocational Training Centre in Kigali, Comfort Babies, the Street Kids Rescue project at Gatenga and Pastor’s Training with the Christian Training College of Rwanda at Kigali and Muhanga. Operation Net provides mosquito nets to combat the threat of malaria and SOS gives basic help to the most needy orphans and widows.
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Click on the yellow location markers for more info.

Operation Net

Malaria, carried by mosquitoes, is one of the biggest killers in Rwanda. Using a mosquito net while sleeping significantly reduces the risk of catching malaria. Operation Net has been set up to provide nets for those who are too poor to buy their own. More info...
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Hand Crafts

Tailoring and craft making are proving to be successful projects for income generation, especially amongst widows groups. Widows groups have built up very productive business making a variety of craft items. Though some of these crafts are sold locally many are exported by Comfort Rwanda & Congo for sale at craft fairs and through the online shop. More info...
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Sponsor an Orphan or Survivor (SOS)

We have been helping Solace Ministries support widows and orphans through the Sponsor an Orphan or Survivor initiative. It is estimated that some 300,000 children were orphaned during the genocide. The older children also found themselves responsible for the care of younger family members. Others, such as widows with dependent children, also have great need of support. More info...
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Healing & Reconciliation

Following the nationwide genocide in Rwanda, God has called the Church to bring healing and reconciliation to the nation. We partner with Healing & Reconciliation Ministries to help them encourage unity through repentance and forgiveness across communities in Rwamagana, Kayonza and Kamonyi. More info...
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Pastor’s Training

Over 80 pastors from all over Rwanda and parts of Burundi are currently benefitting from training given by the Christian Training College of Rwanda. Often with no formal Christian training the pastors are hungry to learn from the Rwandan and British teachers. Modules cover biblical, practical and character development topics. More info...
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Ihumure Vocational Training Centre

As the first Street Kids Rescue children grew into young adults the need for further education and vocational skills training became more urgent. The Ihumure Vocational Training Centre was built and subsequently opened in 2013. Learning a skill will help these young adults become self-sufficient and stay out of poverty. More info...
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Community Projects

We are partnering with our Rwandan partners to lift communities in Bugesera, Gakagati, Jari, Karongi and Rukumberi out of extreme poverty and trauma as a consequence of the genocide. We greatly value all of the contributions by our supporters for these communities, and are especially grateful to our Partner Churches for the strong links which have developed with some of these communities. For more information click on a community name.
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In Rwanda the home and land are handed down from generation to generation. During the genocide a vast number of homes with their contents were destroyed leaving survivors with nothing. From the beginning we have been involved funding shelter projects or house repairs for those most in need in a number of communities. More info...
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It is very difficult for a person to reach their potential without the benefit of an education. We are involved in supporting primary, secondary and university education for orphans and other poor and vulnerable children. More info...
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When someone receives a cow, a goat or a hive for bees they receive a gift that has the potential to multiply. It is a gift that not only provides for the present but also seeds for the future. It gives increasing benefit not just to a family but also to the whole community. More info...
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Rwanda is fertile and dominated by small scale agriculture. Most of the people of Rwanda are dependent on the food they can grow themselves. For this they require land, seed or plants, tools and rain. We support several individuals, families or communities many of whom lost lands and tools during the genocide. More info...
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Street Kids Rescue

Despite recent advances in Rwanda there are still many children on the streets. Older children orphaned through the genocide have been joined by many children who are driven to the streets because of poverty and hunger. Our partner, the Living Church, has developed the Street Kids Rescue project to tackle this problem by providing street children with food, clothing, health, education and Christian training. More info...
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