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Comfort Babies

Supporting teenage mothers and their babies

Through a combination of circumstances including rape, family deaths and other situations, a number of young, vulnerable girls give birth to babies who are also immediately vulnerable due to the poverty of the mother or family into which they are born. Malnutrition, untreated illness and stunted growth are all possible outcomes of those situations. Furthermore, mothers may not be able to continue their education and may go into prostitution to earn income to look after the baby.

The project is currently focussing on girls who have links with the Street Kids Rescue Project at Gatenga. Sponsorship of £20/month provides a safety net for the baby by securing food, health and vital items and gives hope and a future to the mother by releasing her from the denial of education and the crisis of finding income with a newborn. The girls are assessed and supported by Comfort Rwanda in Rwanda to make sure that they continue to make the most of their support..