Rape Survivors Surgery

The incidence of rape in North Kivu, D.R. Congo is shockingly high. Rape is often carried out by many soldiers and all militias and armies are involved. Many women are killed or die as a result of injuries. Those that survive are often badly injured, some with fistulas. Surgery is too expensive for those women to access. Comfort Rwanda & Congo in partnership with Comfort Congo is working with Gesom hospital in Goma to provide funding for critical and reparative surgery. Lives are being saved and rebuilt. It costs around £250 - £400 for surgery. Prices have recently increased as militias are extorting money to allow medicines to reach the hospital. Many, many women, like Nyota Toyota, have been helped and are starting to rebuild their lives through this project, others have similar or more devastating stories to Feza Malimembe and are hoping for help. Threat of rape is ongoing.
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