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The breakdown in educational infrastructure in the area has meant that access to school for marginalised people is severely restricted. In particular refugees, pygmies, ex-child soldiers and orphans have no means to pay the required school fees. Comfort Congo has established four schools in the area.

Kyezye Primary and Mbula Secondary based at Kiziba were set up several years ago to meet the needs of those vulnerable, excluded children. It is growing rapidly and in 2015 it expects to take in over 1000 pupils. With support from the World Bank and the Congolese government Comfort Rwanda & Congo has purchased land and built a new primary school on the site. There is considerable pressure on the school as most children cannot pay school fees and support for teachers salaries is urgently needed.

Walugaba Primary School is situated just outside the Mugunga Refugee Camp and provides education especially for refugees and pygmies driven from the forest by the fighting. In partnership with a Norwegian NGO new classrooms have been built.

Salugaba Secondary School is a secondary school with an added emphasis on vocational training, especially sewing. Situated close by to Walugaba. As young people in the area grow up they are often forced out of school due to poverty and hardship. This school is providing many children in the area opportunities to break free from the consequences of poverty.