Street Kids Rescue - £20 per month

The Street Kids Rescue Programme seeks to dramatically change the lives of children forced onto the streets of Kigali by poverty, family breakdown or orphaning. The Programme provides food, education & health support, sports, music and a loving environment. It ultimately seeks to reunite families where possible.
Vocational Training Support - £20 & £22 per month

Our purpose built Ihumure Vocational Training Centre enrols young men and women from poor backgrounds, including ex-street kids, enabling them to gain a practical skill, improve their job prospects, escape the poverty trap and become self sufficient. The course is full time so both fees (£20 per month) and living expenses (£22 per month) can be funded.
Women in D.R.Congo - £20 per month

The situation in D.R.Congo is desperate - violence, rape, abandonment, capture, sex slavery, child soldiers and refugee status are common. Women who have been through those situations are often left very vulnerable with no income or support. We work with our partners, Comfort Congo, who care for these women.
University Education - £45-£60 per month

University education builds a better future for the individual and the country. Scholarships are tailored to train young people from poor backgrounds and rural communities who commit to using their training to benefit their community and nation.
The Children of Liberty (Ex-Child Soldiers) - £20 per month

The sad repeated story of too many young people is of their villages being overrun by rebel armies, the women raped, both men and women killed and the young people forced to carry off their own belongings as loot for the rebel armies. The girls are forced into sex slavery and the boys drugged and given guns. More info >>>
SOS (Sponsor an Orphan or Survivor) - £20 per month

SOS sponsors old and young who lost their families in the genocide. Those now becoming young adults struggle to make progress. Older survivors often carry injury or look after other vulnerable survivors and have no means to meet basic needs.
Comfort Babies - £20 per month

Support is important for teenage mothers and their babies. It provides a safety net for the baby by allowing the mother to buy food, health insurance and vital items. It also means that the mother can continue in education giving better prospects for the future.

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