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Street Kids Rescue

Despite recent advances in Rwanda there are still many children sleeping rough in the streets or on the open hillsides. Children are driven to the streets because of poverty, hunger, abuse or abandonment. Many of the children turn to theft, violence and prostitution to scrape a living on the streets; they eat from dumps, sell any charcoal they find and spend time sniffing glue and petrol.

Comfort Rwanda & Congo currently supports three Street Kids Rescue Projects:

  • the Friends of Jesus at Gatenga in Kigali, in partnership with the Living Church
  • Batsinda Kids at Batsinda on the outskirts of Kigali, in partnership with Comfort Rwanda
  • Gasanze Kids in Nduba on the outskirts of Kigali, in partnership with Comfort Rwanda

In each case the projects aim to provide food, clothing, health care, education, a safe place to play in a loving environment and Christian training. The projects are wholly funded by Comfort Rwanda & Congo at a cost of £20 per child per month. We offer our supporters the opportunity to
sponsor an individual child, follow their progress, write letters and possibly visit them as part of our organised trips.

One of the aims of the project is to reunite the children with their families where possible and support and encourage the families in looking after their children. Reports from the project are very encouraging. Some children who have families have been reconciled and gone back to the family home. If the family is still too poor to provide for the child, support from the project is given. One of the dangers of living in Rwanda is malaria. We supply mosquito nets through our
Operation Net project to many of the children on the Street Kids Rescue projects.

At Batsinda many of the children are reunited with their families but there is also a home for those who have nowhere to go. Here they are looked after and learn how to contribute well within their new “family”. The children have started attending school and because of the support of the dedicated project workers many of them are in the top quarter of their classes now. One of them even has an ambition to be Rwanda’s president!

Both of these groups have formed a choir, a traditional dance group and football teams. Occasionally they play each other.

As our children become youth and young adults they are looking to move on to self-sufficient independence. Some of them go on to learn a skill for life at another of our projects, the
Ihumure Vocational Training Centre, with the expectation that it will be easier to gain employment in the future.