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It is very difficult for a person to reach their potential without the benefit of an education. Access to education is one of the vital ingredients in the fight against poverty. An education allows a person to train, enter employment and to escape a subsistence lifestyle. The education itself enhances and enriches the person’s life. Comfort Rwanda & Congo is involved in supporting primary, secondary and university education for orphans and other poor and vulnerable children as well as contributing to the building of schools and supporting teaching staff.

Primary & Secondary Education: There are a good number of children in Gatenga and
Gakagati who are linked to the Living Church and who cannot afford to attend school without financial assistance. The funding we provide for these children is administered by the Living Church which identifies and supports those most in need. A further benefit of this type of funding is that the fees paid by the children to attend the school go on to contribute to the teacher salaries.

University Scholarships: University education builds a better future for the individual and the country. Comfort Rwanda & Congo offers a small number of scholarships tailored to train young people from poor backgrounds and rural communities who commit to using the training to benefit their community and nation. In key situations this has provided support up to masters level thus helping to build the capacity of the nation.

Gakagati Primary School:
Gakagati is a remote community in the northeast of Rwanda which had very few resources following the genocide. There was no school for a number of years and the children had no hope of an education. We have been building classrooms since 2008. The latest and last class room is extra large and serves as a community centre providing literacy classes to adults who can’t read and write. We have also supplied benches and desks for the school, these were constructed at the Ihumure Vocational Training Centre in Kigali.

Giving financially to
Comfort Rwanda & Congo allows us to continue to support education in Rwanda. The children are very grateful for the opportunity to learn.