Using Social Media to Promote Charities

People who run charities should embrace social media as a way to promote what they are doing. The value of social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and TikTok, has heightened as more people access the internet globally. Let’s look at the best practices when using social media to promote charity work.

Tips for Social Media in Promoting Charities

  • Build an audience: the first step when using social media is to build an audience by creating a following that would engage with your content. This starts by identifying your target audience, finding them, following them, and even introducing your charity to them where necessary.
  • Work with celebrities: Many celebrities have made a name for supporting charitiesand being open to collaboration. When you are getting started, you may not be able to access very popular celebrities, but you could try some local celebrities to see if they are willing to support your social media posts by sharing and putting up posts that would encourage audience engagement.
  • Show what you are doing: One of the best ways to use social media to promote a charity organisation is by actually showing the activities they engage in. For instance, if the charity is on animal rescue, it helps to have images of animals being rescued. Perhaps people within the organisation share their experiences and have a call to action for the people engaging with their social media content.
  • Add donation buttons: Many social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, now allow non-profits to have a donation button. Use that as a feature to encourage people who are motivated by your impact to give some donation.

Remember that social media only works as a promotional tool if you post regular and relevant content that your audience resonates with.