Educational Charities

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Charity is based on the idea of making the world a better place, and there is perhaps no better way to achieve this than to equip the younger generation with the right resources and skills that would enable them to fulfil their potential. This is the exact goal that an educational charity pursues. Examples of charities of this kind include Scholarship America, ProLiteracy, Build Africa, Children International, and Teach for America.

Scholarship America

Scholarship America stemmed from Dr Irving Fradkin’s ‘Dollar for Scholars’ program, a simple crowd-funding scheme for funding college education which he founded in 1958. With a mission to ensure everyone has access to further education, Scholarship America has contributed billions of dollars to support millions of students in the United States. As well as providing funding, this charity advocate programs and policies that help poor students to overcome educational challenges.

Build Africa

With more than 40 years of promoting charity work, Build Africa started in 1978 as a Christian relief program in the aftermath of the infamous Vietnam War. It aimed to offer education and sanitation to war refugees in Thailand. After two decades, the program had amassed solid experience, and it decided to shift its attention to sustainable projects in East Africa. The name of the charity would later change from International Christian Relief to Build Africa in 2007, even as it reset its goal of working with teachers and parents to deliver better education to future generations.


ProLiteracy promotes adult education, with the view to ensuring that adults have an opportunity to further their literacy for a better life. The charity was the idea of Dr. Frank C. Laubach who founded it in 1930. With just 17 years in the wake of its foundation, ProLiteracy was already helping people in more than 100 countries.

Children International

Children International is a charity that started in 1936 as Holy Land Christian Mission, a food basket program. With time, the scope of the program was expanded to eradicating poverty through supporting children education. With this wider scope, it was only necessary that the program is christened to Children International.

Teach for America

Lack of quality education is one of the biggest challenges that face educational charities. Teach America fights this challenge by funding the recruitment of high-quality college graduates to help children in marginalised schools.