Environmental Charities

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Environmental charities have a focus on sustainable development, appreciation, and preservation of the environment. If you are passionate about the environment and would like to make a donation to an environmental charity, here are some of the organisations with which you can trust your money.

Rainforest Alliance: An international organisation whose main aim is to ensure sustainable livelihoods through biodiversity conservation. Its seal of approval contains a frog image, which assures consumers that a particular commodity was produced in a manner that preserves and protects the environment.

League of Conservation Voters Education Fund: The mission of this group is to educate voters on important environmental issues, which should inform their choice of leaders.

The Nature Conservancy: The goal of this group is to protect endangered ecosystems from environmental threats, such as deforestation and pollution.

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC): This body employs lots of lawyers and scientists who help to advocate and improve environmental protection at the judicial and legislative levels. NRDC prioritises such things as ocean protection, protection of endangered wildlife, and combating climate change.

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF): This group’s key initiatives include ocean protection, sustainable agriculture, public health issues, and matters to do with climate change. It also advocates laws and policies that protect our natural environment.

Conservation International (CI): This one works on a range of issues, including those that do with environmental protection, food stability, and climate change. Besides funding scientific research and field projects, CI partners with businesses to drive the environmental protection agenda.

Sierra Club Foundation: It is a foundation that offers support to environmental conservation efforts. Its goal is to ensure that the world’s ecosystems are well protected. It also champions for water and air quality.