How Charities Raise Money

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Donations are the primary source of money for charity organisations. However, donations mostly come in the holiday season, which means these organisations must come up with creative ways of survival throughout the year. These ways include the following:

Gala Events

Gala events are important because they help charitable organisations to bring in good cash infusion. These events are usually held on an annual basis. Through a combination of corporate sponsorship and rich ticket buyers, charities are known to collect millions of dollars every year.


While donations bring in money, volunteerism saves charities a great deal of money, enabling them to use the money to pursue their cause. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a quarter of the American population offers voluntary services to charities. People can volunteer in many ways, including offering free services.

Product Sales

Many charities resort to product selling to get funds to run their operations. Classic examples include Boy Scout popcorn and Girl Scout cookies sales, which fetch colossal amounts of money to support charity work. The amount of money collected from the sale of these products is usually more than the annual membership fees collected by these groups.

Events and Performances

Sure, gala events attract the attention of wealthy philanthropists, but other events and performances are important too because they catch the eye of a wider audience. Charity bands and music artists have an upper hand when it comes to presenting music recitals, dance performances, and concerts. The proceeds collected from these events go a long way in helping charity work.


It should be noted that charity is not all about bringing in money; it may also involve spending money to get money. That said, no one will donate to your charity unless they have heard of it via mainstream or social media. It may be necessary to publicise your charitable organisation through advertisements and promotions, which you must pay for.