How to Plan for a Successful Charity Event

The biggest headache for most people who run charity organisations revolves around raising funds to keep activities moving. Since most charities operate on donor funding, every manager and stakeholder should always be thinking about creative ways to ensure that the funds keep coming. One of the means of doing this is by organising charity events. The biggest challenge always comes in planning for an event that will attract more people and have them reaching into their pockets to donate. Some of the ways to make charity events successful are as follows.


Have a Budget

As much as the main aim of charity events is to raise money, you should set aside a budget that will facilitate the meeting. For instance, if your event is outdoors, you should have a budget for water, a tent, and other basics that the participants will need. Make sure that your budget is reasonable. You can download apps to help you with the planning.

Check the Calendar

The worst mistake you can make is to plan your occasion around the time when families or the community around you is having a major event. If your event clashes with a significant holiday such as Christmas, then you can be sure that most people might not come, since they will be busy entertaining their families.


If you want a successful event, you should learn to delegate. Work with your staff and learn to trust them. It would help if you mastered the tips on how to

delegate so that you do not get overwhelmed during the planning. Just know the strength of individual team members that you work with and everything else will fall into place.

Ensure Safety

Not everyone who comes to a charity event has good intentions. There have been cases when donations have disappeared when someone has stolen them. It would be best if you also made sure that the people participating in the charity event are safe, especially when you are dealing with a big crowd.

Have a Clear Itinerary

The people who are coming to the event should know what the plan looks like. Share with them the events schedule in advance so that they come prepared. It would help if you also told them the main reason why you are having the event. For instance, if you are having a fundraiser to buy macbooks or other electronics for office work, you should tell them, including why those items matter to your organisation.

Work With Celebrities/Sponsors

If you want to get more people coming to the event, you should consider working with a celebrity or a sponsor. Look into one who is passionate about the things that your charitable organisation does and approach them for support. You can also get them to give publicity to the event before it starts.