Tips on Making Your Charitable Organisation Known

Are you interested in charity work? Do you currently run a charity organisation but you feel like your impact is not being felt? The reality is that many charitable organisations are doing great work. Still, their impact is not being seen as much as the big global organisations. Whether you have been in existence for many years or you are just starting out, you should not despair when it starts feeling as though you are not touching as many hearts as you would have wanted. Getting people to know what you are doing is beneficial since it can help you source for donor funding. It also helps in getting more volunteers interested and engaged in what you are doing. Some of the tips to make your charitable organisation known include the following.


Activate Social Networks


Every year, the number of people using social media has been increasing all over the world. Using social media is no longer something that only teenagers do. There have been revolutions that were started on social media, solidifying the fact that these platforms are now a space to initiate change. If you have a charitable organisation and you want to have an impact, you must have a social media presence where you document your activities.

Plan an Event

Events are a good way of fundraising and bringing the community together. It is also a way of telling people about your existence or reminding them of your mandate as a charitable organisation. Once you have mastered the tips on planning events, you should be able to run a successful event. The participants do not have to bring the money directly to you. You can partner with a company and have them buy something from them and use the proceeds towards a cause. For instance, if you choose to work with a company such as Tamaris, you can tell the participants to buy Tamaris Shoes or any product they make.

Advertising and Using Merchandise

There is no harm in using media such as newspapers, radio, and television to advertise what you do. There has been a reduction of people who are using local advertising, so you might try online advertising to reach out to your target audience. The other way of letting people know about your organisation is by branding merchandise such as T-shirts, umbrellas, scarves and other items. You can then donate them or sell them at a reasonable fee.

Fulfill Your Mandate

Sometimes, the best way to let people know about your existence is by fulfilling your mandate. Let your work speak for itself. Have unique ideas on how you will fulfil your mandate. You should also avoid scandals by all means and make sure there is accountability and transparency in every activity you engage in.